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Chomchon Ban Tai School - Koh Phangan TESOL course Thailand.

Lesson Plan associated with this TESOL Course Thailand video above.

Lesson Plan  Speaking Chumchon BanTai Primary School, Koh Phangan.

45 Minutes
Number of pupils: 10.
Materials: Superhero Template, String/paddlepop sticks, Survey
Age: 10 – 12.

Objective: I'll be using a theme of magic to run the class. I want them to be loud, and basically, uncontrollable. I want to do this, not only as a challenge to myself, but also to motivate the pupils to speak as much as possible. I will go through a list of questions in relations to their superhero powers and different attributes. I then want them to be able to read all the questions that I ask, and be able to answer them.

Warm up: Start the class by writing 'magic' on the board and showing them a series of magic tricks. I believe the students should enjoy this and I will tell them I'll teach them a trick if they are good throughout the class. (10 Minutes)

Introduction: I may or may not put a cape and mask on. I will tell the students that today we are all going to be super-heros, but first we need to work out our heroes powers. I will draw a super hero on the board and go through each characteristics of their hero: (15 Minutes)
What colour
Once I have drawn my hero on the board I will get the students to choose what my hero will look like. I will then hand out a worksheet with an outline of a hero on it. i will get them to add on their own different features onto their hero. (10 Minutes)

They will then need to fill out a 'Superhero ID card' which is a worksheet of a list of questions in regards to their hero. (15 minutes)

I want the students to go up to each other and do a survey to work out the different powers of each other student. We will then telly them up and put them on the board.

Warm Down:
Each student will tell the class their superheros name and power.

More TEFL videos from the Saturday English school day.

Chomchon Ban Tai School video - TESOL course Thailand.

Chomchon Ban Tai School video - Koh Phangan TESOL course Thailand.

Lesson Plan associated with this TESOL course Thailand Video above.

Lesson Plan #5 Writing.
Chumchon Bantai Primary School, Koh Phangan.
Time: 9:30 – 10:00
Class Level: Beginner
Number of Pupils: 10
Duration: 30 minutes

Objective: Be able to write and answer basic personal questions.

Materials: Lined paper, color cardboard, coloring pencils, glitter, glue, tape.

Lexis Used: All the words on the 'Personal Questions' sheet.

Warmer: Introduce myself, ask where each person is from. Have them write their names on small squares of colored cardboard using colored pencils. Encourage decoration. Do my own name for demonstration. When finished, go around room for display and praise. Ask to say names aloud while display. Tape their cardboard to the front of the desk for the day. (5mins)

Step-By-Step Instruction:
1. Give a model of writing on the board. Read through it, have them repeat after me. Drill through until they can say without hesitation. Fill in my details for demonstration. Explain what to write if they have only one brother or no sisters. Discuss answers and ask students what they would write. Ask them to copy down the writing and fill in their own details. Give praise and don't correct. If see a common mistake, correct on the board without singling out one person. When complete, encourage them to decorate. Have some individuals display theirs and read out loud. 

My name is … and I am … years old. I go to school at Chumchon in Baan Thai, Koh Phangan. I live in the country Thailand. My favorite food is … I have … brothers and … sisters. When I finish school I want to be … My favorite subject in school is … because …
If I won a million baht I would buy... because …
If I was to fly to another planet, and could only bring 3 things, I would bring …


Cooler: Alphabet touch. Write an upper case and lower case letter on the board and ask them to quickly touch something in the room. Play 4 times  (10mins) Hangman if we have time!


Hospital Clinic Intermediate TESOL course Thailand.

TESOL lesson plan - Bankok Hospital Clinic - Koh Phangan, Thailand.

( Introduction, explanation )

Introduce name, learn the names of the students.
Explain what we will be learning today.
Show the students a few English hospital video clips. Ask them to explain what the video is about; this should give me a good idea on how good their English is.

http://www.hospitalenglish.com/procedures/swf/greetingthepatient.swf  http://www.hospitalenglish.com/procedures/procedures_inthehospital.php   http://www.hospitalenglish.com/procedures/procedures_inthepatientsroom.php  

Worksheet links used for hospital :)

ESL lesson practice)

Hand out hospital conversation sheet’s that I’ve created and start practicing with the nurses followed by role play.
(Class practice)

Hand out worksheets to the nurses and give them a little bit of time to go over it.Discuss the worksheets with the nurses and continue to next lesson.
Back up feelings and expressions. Plenty of different worksheets to chose from on the internet.

Course title: Hospital Training 
Class level: Beginner - Intermediate
Age: 18 to 35
Date: 15-10-13
Place: Thailand, Koh Phangan, hospital
Frequency: Once
Duration: 60 minutes
Number of Nurses: 7

Objective: Teach nurses to improve their writing and vocabulary.

Materials:  Paper, pencils, worksheets, whiteboard and markers. 

Step by step guide:

( Activity, warmer )

Complete the word search I’ve created around hospital vocabulary.

Ask why they would like to work in Australia?

Hand out writing worksheets and go over them and let the students complete them.

ESL lesson plan (Activity) Koh Phangan

More writing explanations and worksheets gearing towards hospital vocabulary.

Why do you want to work in Australia?
Give an example answer:

Example – I wish to work in Australia due to better wages and better living standards. It is relatively close to my home of Thailand so I can easily commute home if I wish to. Also, I’ve heard that the country has a beautiful landscape with lots of beaches. It's important to me as I have grown up on an island and have come to appreciate being next to the sea. Career opportunities in medicine also furthered my interest in Australia as a country to settle.

How will you balance working and studying?
Give an example answer:

Balancing work and study time is important. I think it is a myth that students can't hold jobs. I study better when I have deadlines and time constraints. Unlike some other places where I could get a job, the library has reasonable hours. I can work on weekends and I won't have to work too late.

What should you do if we hire you and you don't end up liking the job?
Give an example answer:

I am a dedicated employee and I come to work here, even if I don't end up loving my job. I understand that it can takes months to feel comfortable in a new working environment. If I still have concerns about my job after a few months, I'll ask for a meeting with a manager. Perhaps I would just need to try a different aspect of working in the library. Or maybe I'd need a little variety. For example, I might ask if I could read to children or help out with library programs. Finally, I would never leave a job without offering a two-week notice.

Worksheet Intermidiates - Learning English at a Thai Hospital 
TESOL course Thailand. Koh Phangan.

Patient: Hello, I need to see a Doctor.

Receptionist: Sure, can I ask what’s the problem?

Patient: It’s my knee, it’s totally messed up. I crashed my bike in Ban Tai.

Receptionist: I’m sorry to hear that. A nurse is available now, we can see you right away.

Patient: Great! The only thing is that I don’t have any insurance. How much is it going to set me back?

Receptionist: I’m not sure, but we can have a look at it and give you a quote. You can go through to the room on your right now.

Nurse: Hello, I heard you hurt your knee?

Patient: Yeah, hurts like hell. 

Nurse: Has it been bleeding much?

Patient Nah, not really. Just a little bit when I first fell off.

Nurse: Have you been drinking?

Patient: Yeah, we got totally bladdered at full moon. We thought we’d sobered up enough to go back, but a dog ran into the road and I came off.

Nurse: Okay, does it hurt to move?

Patient: Very much so. I’m in agony every time I walk.
Nurse: Stay still then, we may need to x-ray it.

Nurse: So it looks alright, you just have a bit of bruising. But we need to bandage it up and you should rest it for a few days.

Patient: Okay. How much will this cost then?

Nurse: They can tell you at the reception, but I imagine it will be just 1000 Baht or so. 

Patient: Cheers, thanks then. See ya later.

New Patient: Hey, my mate needs help. He was pissed out of his mind and now he’s flat out on the floor and isn’t responding. He ain’t breathing normally either.

Nurse: Okay, where is he?

Patient: I dunno. Think he’s outside with my other mate. He’s so wrecked. Can you come see?

Nurse: Sure, I’ll come see him now.


Thai Restaurant video - TESOL course Thailand, Koh Phangan,

ESL Lesson Plan - Thai restaurant TESOL course Koh Phangan.

Location: Thai Restaurant                                        ESL Class Level: Mixed level
Number of students: 4                                       Ages 20 - 50 years old
Duration: 2 hours 
Objective: To learn new words and sentences; to learn the ingredients of dishes that are offered on the menu.  Learn new dialogue - customer – waitress and to extend vocabulary.  Thai restaurant staff will learn new words where, when, why, who, what.  Combine words every/some/many with day/thing/time/one. Students to form  and say simple sentences from the above.

Materials: Paper and pencils, worksheets, laptop, speakers

Step by step guide:

Introduction, learn the nick names of the students and write their names on the white board. Then ask who has the best English in the group. Ask the student with the best English to introduce him-herself. Explain what we shall be learning with some fun games.

9.05am – 9.25am
Warming up. To show the scene from the video “Dude, where is my car?”  Chinese take away from the drive through.


To give students printout of conversation. To practice conversations from the movie in pairs and to have some fun.

9.25am – 9.40am.
Re-fresh their knowledge of food ingredients that they use in the restaurant. Students to remember words ginger, chilli, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, mint, basil, bok choy pepper, onion, carrot, aubergine, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, spring onion, sweet potato, mushroom, lemongrass, rice and noodles. Meat, chicken, pork, beef, fish, salt, sugar, pepper, banana, apple, orange, watermelon, coconut, pineapple, lemon, lime, mango, papaya, coffee, tea, peanuts, nuts, cashew, milk, eggs, fork, bowl, plate, fruit juice, glass with ice, glass no ice, fruit shake. 

9.40am – 10.00am.
Introduce 5 “W” words, ask them to pronounce the words and ask if they know the meaning, make sentences with them and assist and correct where necessary. To check if everything is clear for students and if not to clarify difficult moments. To check pronunciation and to correct it. 

10:00am – 10:15am

10.15am – 10.40am
To introduce words every, some and many, to join them with day, thing, time, one, body, where. To give my examples first: Every day I cooking food. People are everywhere. Everyone needs love. Every time I go to a restaurant, I’m ordering drink before I order food. Everything is made in China. Some days I feel happy. Sometimes I go to the cinema. Someone wants to stay for three nights. He;s not here, he's somewhere in Tong Sala. Somebody is sitting at the table. There are many days in a year. There are many things to do in Thailand. 

10:40am – 11:00am
Working in pairs “waiter – customer”. To take order for food and for drinks. One of the students playing the role of waitress, another role of customer, then to change the roles. One pair at the time. 
I have 5 worksheets of food and drink that have been cut up and placed on a central table, for the waitress to find after she has taken the order. Make it clear that the waitress repeats the customer’s order.

Thai Restaurant TESOL course Thailand, Koh Phangan video.

Thai restaurant video, TESOL course Thailand, Koh Phangan.

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