TEFL Explained

TEFL trainers at Paradise TEFL Thailand are experienced and qualified ESL teachers. They have extensive knowledge and experience of living and working in countries all around the world. They have been training teachers for years and they all love teaching English!

TEFL explained

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. People who are certified in TEFL teach English to non-native speakers in places where English is not the primary language. Sometimes, you can teach English within English speaking countries, say in a language school, for example, but most teaching jobs are found in a student’s native country. It is in a student’s native country that TEFL is employed within state school systems, by freelance teachers and private language schools. Teachers can be both native and non-native speakers.

Although there are dozens of organisations which offer TEFL certifications, if you are interested in becoming an English as a foreign language instructor, you want to make sure the place you receive your instruction is one that is internationally recognized. There are many TEFL schools with such a designation. You also want to make sure the school you are attending has a program to help you find employment after graduation such as we do.

Working in a voluntary situation such as at a charity is a great way post-graduation to ‘get your feet wet.’ You can teach for as long as you feel you need the experience, and such teaching looks good on any resume when you are actively searching for paid employment. Once you do get a job that pays, the pay rate depends on how long of a contract you sign, your experience in teaching and who the employer happens to be. Other factors come into play as well, such as, if you will be teaching in a cosmopolitan city or countryside region or beach resort and the economic status of the country you are placed. It is important to compare the pay you are being offered to the cost of living where you are teaching. Sometimes, what seems to be considered as a low wage can actually allow you to live quite well in certain parts of the world.

Currently, the best paying jobs for graduates of TEFL courses is in the area of the Middle East. There is a tremendously high demand for qualified English teachers there, as the case of Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Cambodia. We will show you how to vet and research the company offering you an employment contract. Even when you have completed the TEFL course and you decide not to take immediate employment, you can always drop us a line in the future to find out what information we have about the integrity of the company looking to hire you.

Once you feel confident that you have fully vetted out the organization for which you will be working and the region in which you will be teaching English, be prepared for an exciting career teaching and helping others while you yourself learn about parts of the world you would otherwise not have residential access to, all thanks to TEFL.

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