ESL Lesson Planning and Worksheets.

Are you looking for lesson plan ideas for your English lessons? Feel free to use any of these lesson plans and resources in your ESL classroom.

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Why do ESL teachers need to plan their English lessons?

Teachers plan their lessons in order to prepare themselves. It provides structure and makes sure you do not waste time, thinking about what to do with their students.  A lesson plan can be viewed by the teacher during the lesson. A good  plan makes it easier for the teacher to use language consistently. If a teacher does not prepare, it will be obvious to the pupils. This could cause a loss of respect and discipline problems. Preparation also encourages pupils to be organized themselves.

Teachers plan their lessons to make sure they keep on topic. Teachers can also plan to review or prepare students for the next topic. Lesson planning ensures there is enough material to fill the time. A well thought out plan makes it easier for pupils to complete the tasks set to them. This also increases confidence and participation among students.

A clear set of objectives are useful to the teacher. Thus knowing what he/she wants the students to achieve by the end of each lesson. Without planning a teacher could lose sight of what they are trying to achieve! A good stack of lesson plans will give you as a teacher more confidence.

Planning also helps the teacher to ensure that all language skills have equal attention. Detailed lesson plans are essential if course books and learning materials are not available.

Good planning will make it a simple matter for another teacher to temporarily take over in case of your absence. They ensure pupils don’t skip any part of the lessons you have set out in advance.

A lesson plan should anticipate any problems and have solutions on hand in case problems arise.

Planning helps a teacher to make sure they don’t forget any essential materials. Such as handouts, recorded speech or website links.

Teachers may be required to present lesson plans and their students work to the school’s admin department or head master.

Lesson plans provide an accurate record of what has been taught to each class. It is essential to know what the students have learn't to effectively plan future lessons and to set fair tests.

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Preparation - ESL teacher.

Most ESL teachers know what it is like to spend hours writing extensive lesson plans that chart out every moment of the class. The reality is that things never go exactly according to schedule and who has that kind of time, anyway? It's not too difficult to create a more fundamental plan, that you may adjust too many different courses. I am talking about a plan that doesn't take teachers more than 30 minutes to create. It is accurate that some 10 % of teachers are really comfortable winging it with their pupils. Not making use of lesson plans and thinking up ideas on the spot that go along with the textbook. This undoubtedly can lead to teaching problems, where no ideas easily come to mind. You end up doing dry textbook materials for your whole class!

Most teachers want to prepare, the notion of walking into class without a plan, is similar to that dream where you are in high school with no clothes on! A plan also helps when you have lower level children or pupils who are not very talkative. A teacher that has a great lesson plan to drop back on, helps the class to run efficiently. Thus, less awkward pauses or weary faces.

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