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With your TEFL course you have you own teacher trainer adviser who gives you reliable contacts for English teaching jobs all over Thailand and Asia. If you present yourself properly at an interview your'll have no problems finding a good English teaching job.

We introduce reputable employers before you complete your teacher training course in Thailand. There are more teaching English jobs in Asia available than teachers to fill them.

We have valuable resources, teaching websites, that we update regularly! Contacts that we give you free as an idea of what the TEFL industry is like in Asia and worldwide. Many large language schools such as ECC Thailand, AUA and English First employ TEFL teachers.

                 English teaching jobs and website links.

TEFL Jobs.

Overseas - TEFL Jobs. TEFL teachers, TEFL Information & TEFL Courses for Teaching English Abroad. 

http://tastythailand. How to get an English teaching job in your 50s-60s. Teaching in Thailand.

Asia jobs portal for teaching English abroad in Asia. 

ESL jobs advertised all over Japan. 

Footprints is a large recruiter for ESL jobs worldwide. 

They have employment with schools throughout China.  

Designed for the TEFL - TESOL community.

ESL in Thailand and Asia, English teaching job and language course.

Advertised teaching English jobs in Vietnam.

Largest newspaper in Cambodia. Article new curriculum! Learning English in Primary schools. 

Take the first step today! Start teaching in Asia.

Teacher's in Indonesia and Thailand.

ESL lesson plans for the busy teacher, articles and employment.

TEFL teaching jobs in Asia. ESL teachers required in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.

Newspaper for teaching the English language.

Employment for teachers.

Select your country of choice to teach English in Asia.


Recruitment for qualified TEFL staff. 


TEFL Teachers needed worldwide. 

Jobs for TEFL teachers.

Largest job search engine in education.

Many websites for Teachers and jobs abroad.

Latest teaching English jobs, freelance, permanent and part time.

2018 TEFL English teaching jobs in Thailand and Asia.

Advice on English teaching jobs in Asia.

Employment offers on teaching English Abroad.

ESL jobs - resources and English Teacher blog.


Selection of ESL employment.

English teaching abroad.

Directory of listed schools in Thailand. Research any school. 

you need to sign up for a password. It is free and a great website to find work in Vietnam.

                            Teaching English Online Jobs.

On line English Teaching.






Topica Asia.


Angelina's ESLCafe

Find English teaching jobs and other professional work. As the largest agency in China, Angelina's ESL Cafe serves serious job seekers and employers.

ESL Cafe
Hundreds of ESL teaching jobs in Thailand and China. In primary schools, high schools, language training centers, colleges and universities all over China.

Teachcn is a large recruiting agency that recruits foreign talents. Hundreds of jobs in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Dalian, Harbin, and other cities.

Teaching English jobs in Cambodia. 

Employment in Cambodia and Asia.

ESL jobs in Thailand, Asia, articles, resources - ESL forums.


Japan's English Teaching Job Site
Jobs for English teachers. Employers can post job ads for 30 days at low rates.

Jobs in Japan
Japan's Number 1 English job site. It contains lots of English teaching job as well as other employment. 

Free membership services. Let employers find you. Work in Japan.com lists domestic and international job openings as well as career information via email.


Malaysia Jobs Directory
Malaysia Jobs Directory provides you with job links to help you with your search.

South Korea.

ESL Cafe
Apply for ESL positions at universities, colleges, schools and language training centers. 

Search hundreds of  jobs in Thailand. Build and post your resume and access thousands of pages of career info and advice. Employers can get instant access to today's most powerful hiring tools and post jobs. Search resumes, screen candidates and streamline their entire hiring process.


English teaching job in Thailand and Asia. 


Employ up to 75 English teachers throughout Vietnam.

Latest English teacher jobs. Vietnam is an up and coming place for ESL teachers.

Vietnam Works.
Vietnam Works provides job search tools and resume creation tools. 

               Questions to ask at your TEFL job interview.

If your've just been certified to teach and making work applications, you will want to start thinking about your interview with potential employers. Your'll be expected to show them what you have learned in your course and why you would make a great teacher at their school or language institute. You may even be asked to present a short sample class. When preparing for an interview, some people forget that they should ask the school or institute some questions as well. After all, you are traveling to a foreign country and you should know some things about the company and school. You don’t want to end up teaching in a school that you don’t like and start wishing you were home.

Before interview's with your potential employer, there are some things you will want to know about them. Before your interview with the company, see what you can find out about the company by searching the internet. Most schools create a website that you can look at. See if you can find any forums about the school or reviews from people who have either taught or taken classes there.

If the school seems reputable, get ready to ask them some questions during your interview. The interviewer will first ask you the questions to see if you are a good fit for their school. After they interview you, it is your turn to see if they are a good fit for you. If the person interviewing you hasn’t already told you about their school, ask some basic questions. What's the age group of student's? Kinder garden? College age students?

Also, what is the average class size? This is an important one to ask because in some countries, you could be teaching as many as 60 students at one time. If so, is there a teacher's assistant? In other jobs, you might only be teaching 3-6 students at a time. Make sure you are comfortable in handling whatever size of classes they may want you to teach. You need to know if there's a curriculum that they follow and access to lesson plans from the past.

You should also ask what other types of resources they have available. Asking the right questions at your interview help's you determine if you will have a good experience teaching at a particular school. 

A good school value's their teacher's and provide things like Wi-Fi access, lesson plans or curriculum work books to follow and elaborate on. Photocopy machines, interactive whiteboards and other tools to make your teaching job easier and efficient. After all, TEFL is not all about earning a living, it should also be fun and enjoyable.

Of course ask about visa, work permit and accommodation assistance. Photos of accommodation beforehand to let you know what to expect. 




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