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Minimum Price for a 120 hour Thai language course is 26,000THB.

Ed visa students for a minimum 9 month Thai Language Course need 6 passport photos. Education Visa students need 2 copies of each page of their passport and a bank printout for proof of having 50,000THB in their bank account. Can be a bank in their own country or here in Thailand.

We recommend that you apply 6 weeks before your current visa runs out. The Thai language course primarily concentrates on speaking and correct pronunciation. The Thai Language Course start's when at least 6 people have enrolled.

Deposits must be paid at the amount of 10,000THB to process the paperwork needed for their Thai embassy trip and ED Visa. The balance payment when you have the paperwork to go for your Education visa. The price for the 1 year ED visa at a Thai Embassy outside of Thailand is 2,900THB, and is covered by the student.

You then need to go to Koh Samui Immigration after 3 months to get the extension for the next 3 months. (Total 6 months). Then extend for one year or even two years if you want to do the intermediate Thai Language course.

Group lessons
Up to 6-12 students per group, lessons take place 2 or 3 times a week.
ED Visa Thailand.

Course Name Price Length of Course. 
Get by in Thai 120 Hours. Eligible for 1 year ED Visa, Thailand. Conversation Skills only.

Study English in Koh Phangan, Thailand. 

Basic English 25,900 120 Hours  Eligible for 1 year ED visa Thailand.

ED visa course includes practical and theoretical lessons.

Private lessons
Up to 3 students, prices are for one student.
Thai Course – Private.
 Thai 1 on 1  30 hours  19,900 Not Eligible for ED Visa.  Conversation Skills.

 Thai 1 on 1  200 hours  95,900 Eligible for 12 months ED Visa Thailand. Conversation Skills + Advanced reading / writing. 

English Course – Private.
 Course Name Hours  Price.
English 1 on 1  30 hours  23,900  Not Eligible for ED Visa. 

The process of Signing up for a 1 year Thai language course is as follows:

1. Contact us by phone, email, or come visit us at our school.

We recommend you start the Education visa process and fill out an application form at least 6 weeks before your current visa expires.
If you wish to apply for the ED visa at your country before arriving to Thailand, we need 1 more week for the papers to be sent to your home by courier mail.

2. Fill out an application form, have your picture taken, we will scan all used passport pages and provide us with a bank statement showing a balance of a minimum 50,000 baht or equivalent.

3. Payment of 50% of the tuition fee should be made at the time of applying.
(When applying outside Thailand, the tuition fee must be paid in full.)
Foreigners require a police clearance check.

4. After the application is complete, we will apply for your visa with the Thai Ministry of Education at Surat Thani.

 5. Before your current visa expires you will need to pay the rest of the tuition fees and receive all the necessary documents for you to go on your visa run and obtain the initial 3 months Education visa.

6.  Start learning Thai.
Please bring your passport to school as soon as possible after you arrive in Thailand.

7. Before your initial 90 days visa expires you will need to extend it at the immigration office in Koh Samui, Thailand.

The cost of the visa extensions is not included in the tuition fee.

8. At the end of your 12 months visa, you can continue for a second year. The process is similar to the first year).
(maximum of 2 years).

New regulations by the Ministry of Education of Thailand.

 Eligible for obtaining an Education Visa on Koh Phangan one has to apply for 1 year group course (120 hours).

Routine to get Educational ED visa on Koh Phangan:
1. The applicants fill in Personal Data forms, application form and provide us following documents:
- 6 photos (4cm x 6cm).

- Bank Account statement displaying minimum deposit 50,000THB.
- 5 copies of every page containing stamp and personal data from the student's passport.

Notice: All photos must be in a business suit, that we will arrange.

2. Applicant makes at least 10,000THB deposit for the course which includes the administration fee of for the processing documents as required by the Ministry of Education of Thailand.

3. Vocational School submits the students' documents to the Ministry of Education (MOE).

4. After documents are approved by Ministry of Education (this usually takes 4-6 weeks), student's can pick up documents for ED visa at our School. We also mail documents by DHL or other postage service in case student start to apply from any other country or is not able to pick up documents from our School.

5. The applicant takes the approved documents to apply for an ED visa with a Thai Consulate or Embassy located outside of Thailand.

6. Students receive a 90 days Education visa that they can extend every 90 days, up to 1 year. This is a stamp at the Immigration office for a fee of 2.900 THB for every 90 days. In case the applicant would like to extend the 2nd year language course, the applicant should apply 6 weeks before.

Other Terms and Conditions.

1. In case application for the visa shows denied by Thailand Immigration? The student receives refund of tuition fees if paid in advance.

2. Administration fee is not refundable.

3. The Vocational School will take no responsibility if student does not apply 6 weeks before.

The course is relaxed and made easy, so that students never get bored and always keep live interest in the subject. It's essential to make progress and to have motivation for actually doing it. Our study program has proven efficient among our students, who usually stay in Thailand long term, study yoga, work or have their own enterprise.

We start from spoken Thai so that students are able to maintain easy conversations, explain themselves on the market, etc. And then we go deeper, studying vowels and consonants, grammar, reading and writing.
We offer group courses and support for those students who would like to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for 1 year.
ED Visa Thailand.




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