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Jungle Quiz ESL.

TEFL Koh Phangan.

The lion is the king of the jungle. They are big and strong. Lions weigh 400 pounds and stand 4 feet tall. If you feel the hair on its face, it's soft.  You can find a lion in Africa. They can live for 15 years in the wild. They like to sleep in the grass at night. Lions eat meat, such as zebras, giraffe and buffalo. Lions live in groups, called “prides”, with about 15 other lions. Would you like to have a lion as a pet?

1. The lion is the King of the _______________.
A) Jump Rope.
B) Africa.
C) Jungle.
D) Forest.

2. Lions are big and strong. They weight _______ pounds.
A) 4
B) 40
C) 400
D) 4000.

3. They live for _________ years in the wild.
A) 5
B) 10
C) 15
D) 20.

4. They eat meat, such as ___________________________.
A) Pork Chops.
B) Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and Chicken.
C) Plants.
D) Zebras, Giraffe, and Buffalo.

5. Lions live in groups called ___________.
A) Herds.
B) Prides.
C) Groups.
D) A Gaggle.

Other Classroom TEFL questions on the Jungle. TEFL Koh Phangan.

How tall is the average Coconut tree?
Two meters, five meters, one meter, twenty to thirty meters.

What are the colors of a Coconut tree?
Brown and blue, blue and red, green and red, brown and green.

What do we find inside a coconut?
Water, lemonade, milk, coke.

Is coconut milk
Bad for me, good for me, I don't know?

What's the color of an elephant?
Black, white, pink, grey.

Do elephant's walk
fast, slow, not at all?

What countries do elephants live in?
England, Africa, India, Thailand.

Does a monkey climb trees?
Yes, no, I don't know.

What's the color of a monkey in Thailand?
Yellow, green, grey, purple.

Do monkeys live
at home, at school, around the swimming pool, in the jungle?

ESL Koh Phangan. 

Working in a restaurant Quiz. ESL Ko Phangan.

TEFL Koh Phangan.

We use olive oil in the frying pan before frying   
red wine      butter          bacon?

A sharp knife will cut                                       
rice            a pizza         orange juice? 

Is mince a                                                        
fish             meat           vegetable?

We use a knife and fork                                     
to drink        to eat         to swim?

Cows eat                                                    
a lot            a little         a mushroom?

Chopped tomatoes come in                         
a glass        a cup           a tin?

What do customers like with fish and chips?       
Salt            vinegar         tomato sauce?

When do we use a sauce pan?                
Heat up food,   put in freezer,   cool down food?

Kitchen conversation. TEFL Koh Phangan.

Chef:    Mor, Please clean the mushrooms and add oregano, thyme and bay leaves to the Bolognese.

Mor:  Yes Chef, I'll clean the mushrooms and add a teaspoon of oregano, thyme and 3 bay leaves.

Chef:  We have an order for two pizza’s, the festival and the classic, please put them in the oven.

Mor:  Yes, I'll put the festival and the classic pizza’s in the oven.

A:  We have an order for a sweet and sour with beef and a fried rice with chicken.

Chef:  Den, you chop up some chili peppers, onion, cucumber and slice the chicken please.

Den:  Yes, I'll chop up a lot of vegetables and slice the chicken.

Chef:  Mor, please can you wash up the plates and cutlery in the sink.

Mor: The pizzas need another 5 minutes and I am doing the washing up in the sink.

A:  Stir fried mix vegetables and a fried rice with seafood please.

Cook: Thank you A, where's the fish sauce. ?

Mor:  It's next to the bottle of fish sauce and the chicken fried rice.

Cook: Take out a packet of sea food from the freezer. Also, take out the pizzas from the oven and slice up please.   

Den:  OK, the vegetables and chicken are ready for frying.


TEFL Koh Phangan.

Taboo. Intermediate Advanced Quiz. TEFL. ESL.


This TEFL Classroom activity "TABOO." A fun activity that helps enhance upcoming vocab and it's a hoot to experience!

To learn this ESL activity the teacher first divides the class into two groups. The tutor then chooses a number from 1 to 10. Whichever group guesses the proper number should get to go 1st.

Bring 1 of the students up to the blackboard. Turn the student so that his/her back actually faces the chalkboard / whiteboard.

The teacher composes the Key word on the chalkboard. For this instance I say that the Keyword "SPIDER MAN."

Spider man will now become TABOO. None of the TEFL students can say this word. 

Below any Keyword the ESL instructor then generates a few other key phrases that are additionally Taboo. Which means ESL pupils cannot mention these 3 sub key terms either.

For this illustration the teacher would write three words that your pupils cannot mention, because doing so gives away the main keyword.

The three words under the primary keyword/taboo word shall be:

Peter Parker.



The blackboard / whiteboard will appear like this:


Word 1 - Word 2 - Word 3.

The two ESL groups cannot say any of the written text in the above list. Also, cannot create any movements to aid the ESL student with his/her back to the board.

When the teacher says, "Begin" the 1st group will get a couple of minutes to help the ESL student guess this keyword. The TEFL students may give clues like these:

"He's male."

"The person has some sort of bug on his shirt."

"The guy has a girlfriend."

"The person wears some sort of light blue and red outfit."

"Sometimes the guy battles Venom, Sandman as well as the Green Goblin."

"The person has got his well-known comic."

"This bug on his upper body possesses 8 legs."

"The person ended up being bit by some sort of radio energetic bug and it made the boy unique."

If perhaps any of the ESL pupils utter one of the Taboo terms, his/her team cannot get a point. In case your pupil with his back turned to the board says, "Spider man" - his/her squad get one point.

After this group gets the point or time runs out; the groups will change. If you teach English abroad it's one of the best ESL games/quizzes in which you can easily play.  It's pleasurable and this helps to strengthen and teach the English language. Plus on top of this, the individuals have a good time. Even when they are studying ESL.

TEFL Koh Phangan.



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