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           TEFL 4 WEEK ON SITE COURSE DATES 2018                
                      Online - Onsite TEFL Course Dates.

Thai Schools close for Songkran.

May fully booked.


                                          June 25th - July 20th


                                        July 30th - August 24th                                         

                                    August 27th - September 21st


                                   September 24th - October 19th

   October 22nd - November 16th 

     November 26th - December 21st 

Teaching English in a Foreign Country.

Contact us if your'e planning to travel and teach English in Thailand and Asia! We offer a sort after and internationally accredited TEFL course at an affordable price! Gain the confidence and experience to succeed as a teacher in Thailand and Asia.

 Students gain the confidence they need to deliver live lessons from the qualified and experienced instructors in Koh Phangan Thailand. All the materials for the TEFL training are in position. Including course book and folder, whiteboard, pens, paper, flash cards and printer. All you need is a laptop or i pad so that you can write and complete the designated assignments on micro-soft word. The 120 hour TEFL course allows you free time to enjoy the island of Koh Phangan. The instructors will inform you on the best places to go and visit.

 After completion of the training there's a great option to complete further qualifications on-line, free with this TEFL course. No obligation for these extra qualifications. Some students tend to single out which extra assignments will suit and enhance their chosen field of teaching English.

The TEFL certification course is the minimum prerequisite you need to get teaching jobs abroad. The TEFL Certification course is a complete course on the modern technique and skills of teaching English. You study how to teach the basic language skills like speaking, listening, reading and writing and building vocabulary.

 This TEFL course covers teaching young learners and adults. Therefore it involves understanding their psyche and planning courses and lessons accordingly. The lessons have an interactive fashion to ensure maximum participation and better retention.

The TEFL Certification course also covers the specific methods of teaching. Such as classroom management, handling of students and managing any crisis that may arise within a classroom. This course provides all the essential knowledge required to teach the English language and imbibes in a teacher a lot of self-assurance.

The TEFL course in Thailand is part of the Paradise TEFL group who have been successfully qualifying teachers since the turn of the century. Paradise TEFL have trained more than 800 students and growing. We have TEFL training centers across the globe. Enroll on a TEFL course in Koh Phangan Thailand today and totally change your life for the better.  

The 2 - 3 or 4 week TEFL course equips trainees with the practical English teaching skills and necessary confidence to enter any ESL classroom as a qualified English teacher. 

Study English On line. 

Learn and study online, 1-on-1 with us! 

Using Skype - Line.
5 hours 800THB per hour.
10 lessons - 750THB per hour.
20 lessons - 700THB per hour.

Fun Lessons.

Both the lesson content and teachers are fun. This will give you enjoyable lessons, making the learning process easier.

Build Your Confidence.

Focus on you speaking confidently, quickly and tailor made to you.

Learn Faster.

You will get more speaking time because you are the only student. The teacher can focus their energy on you, so you will learn a lot faster.

Relevant Topics.

Every lesson develops around topics that are relevant to your life and work. So you only study the vocabulary and conversation that you need every day.


                              Teaching English on line.

Internet speed requirements to teach or study online. Speed tests listed below for HD video chat.

Here are some Skype bandwidth usage numbers:

Upload - Download requirements minimum 1.2 mega bytes per second for one to one HD video calling. Required by employer.

Group chat of 2 English language students plus the teacher.
 2 mega bytes per second upload speed required by employers.

Group chat of 4 students plus the teacher. 
4 mb per second up speed preferred. 

Teach English on line in China. Teach Chinese children on line one to one. Age 4 -16 years old. Flexible hours working from home! 17 - 21 dollars per hour. Part time work 15 hours per week. 2-3 hours per day. 

Teaching English on line jobs. Teach Chinese children and adults. Ready made lesson plans and curriculum. 

                          English Teaching Online.

Teaching English online is a profession that’s growing in popularity due to its ease of use and benefits. As with every profession there are pros and cons, however, the pros far outweigh the cons. Teaching from the comfort of your own home allows for a world of freedom. It truly lets you dictate the direction of your teaching. You can decide what you teach, who to teach it to, how much to charge, when you  teach, etc. 

There’s a high degree of freedom associated with teaching English online! However, you must not forget that a student is paying you to learn. Therefore, you must act in a professional manner. You should be providing a clear and concise lesson with takeaways that will prove to be valuable for the student. It is unethical for the teacher to have their girlfriend running around in the background!  A distraction the student can do without!  It’s important you present yourself in a presentable and professional manner. It’s also important that you are clear with what services you will be providing for the student. 

Some English learners simply want a native speaker with whom they can have a fluent sounding conversation with.  A structure to the lessons help's!  Visual materials to provide the student with a physical takeaway from the lesson. An example could be something such as a worksheet that you created and print from a PDF file.  You both work through it during the lesson.

Planning on creating your own website? Or are you planning on applying via a school to teach English online? If you are creating your own website? How do you intend to gain the attention of new students? How much are you willing to spend marketing yourself?  How much will you charge to teach classes? All of these questions - food for thought!  Simple considerations, when journeying down the path of an internet English teacher.

First and foremost, I think it's wise to reflect on what you want to achieve from teaching English online! How much effort you’re willing to put in, to achieve these goals?  Plan on teaching full time, or something that you want to do on the side to earn some extra cash? Do you want to teach conversational English.  Do you intend to teach a student how to write a university level essay? Do you want to do business English? Target your market! 

Are you planning on teaching one on one, or teach groups? Once again, some questions that need consideration before entering the online teaching English space. Do you intend to put in full effort and the goal's to maximize money? In this case it's best to start your own website and provide a full “course outline”. Students will know what they shall gain from their time with you. You’ll also have to decide how to market your online company/ website?

 Perhaps a strong social media presence such as Facebook would be the most efficient route. In this case you also should expect to provide a full outline for the students to review before they sign up. I think that a list of targets with corresponding methods of achieving these targets would suit students. You also have to prepare to put in the time to create the lesson plan and work sheets you teach.  Modify lessons according to the student’s needs.  However, every student has different unique interests/ needs. 

 As previously mentioned, promoting ones business via social media is an effective way to spread your services to friends, family and beyond. However, depending on your intended clientele, utilize other Internet marketing strategies. PayPerClick campaigns, or SEO (search engine optimization). Depending on your willingness to devote time or money, you can find the optimal marketing strategy that will suit your business. For example, an individual who's willing to spend more time following the steps to create an effective SEO strategy.  Someone who's lacking time but has capital may prefer to spend money to create Facebook ads, or bring their website to the top page of the Google search. All effective tactics, but it's highly dependent on the individual and their own situation. 

Keep active within the ESL online community.  Participate in open forums. Creating a strong presence for yourself in chat rooms, and a link to your website truly helps gain the attention of possible students. 

We are truly now living in the digital online age!  Almost everything accessed at our fingertips. The advanced algorithms that the Internet provides can be utilized to help determine where your time goes. For instance, Facebook now knows more about you from 100 “likes” you have clicked, than a close friend does. A rather daunting thought, but also incredible. It's just an extreme example of the power of technology in the modern world.  This identifies the power that the Internet has!

An online English teacher could utilize an inflow of information such as this, in order to create an effective teaching strategy and methodology. For instance, on a simple scale they could launch a Facebook poll to ask their friends what they would like to learn. This is a starting point, however it may be bias, as its information from your friends, not students. To take it one step further, you could research the top sites that come up when you search your intended strategy and demographic online! (I.e. teaching English online to 20 year old business employees). (Teaching English online to university students). Plan according to these results. Find out if these companies are quite successful! Building a model after their strategy may be something to consider. 

Finally, technologies such as front facing cameras on your computer, and peer to peer apps such as Skype and what’s App prove valuable. Having a face to face conversation, even via a computer is more powerful than a simple call.  Utilize podcasts, videos and online games.  Bigger chat groups where you discuss topics. Files easily go back and forth. Even working living together on the same document via Google drive. Technology is moving so fast, it's furthering our ability to become teachers on line.


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