Koh Phangan tropical paradise island in the south of Thailand

Koh Phangan is a lush tropical island paradise in the Gulf of Thailand. Boasting unspoiled white sand beaches, azure seas and an unsullied jungle interior. Koh Phangan started as a back-door escape from its larger sister Koh Samui. It's now blooming into an international destination for tourists and travelers around the world. Although very popular, the island has yet to become highly developed and retains much of its natural beauty.

People on the island continue to live a peaceful rural Thai lifestyle. Coconut farming is an important source of income for the local people, and there is a flourishing fishing community. There have been many changes caused by development, but Koh Phangan still has plenty of remote beaches and the island has a beautiful coral reef. Coastal areas have plantations of gently waving coconut palms. The untouched rain forest houses a rich diversity of flora and fauna. About 8000 people live on the island. Some are Chinese whose ancestors migrated from China over 100 years ago. The main population lives in Thongsala the main town of the island.

Koh Phangan retains a uniquely relaxed and laid back atmosphere. During the 1990's the island became popular with budget tourists seeking a simple beach lifestyle in paradise, complete with cheap accommodation, 'New Age' culture, and inexpensive Thai food. Koh Phangan is also famous for its monthly Full Moon Party at Haad Rin Beach. Apart from the island's reputation for full moon parties and a hedonistic culture, The island has now become recognized for its splendor and natural beauty.

Near Haad Sadet on the east coast has a trail which leads to a series of waterfalls collectively known as the Royal Stream. There are many coconut plantations, lovely bicycle trails and forested mountain terrain to explore. It's a place to go walking, snorkeling and swimming. Or to try new things as far ranging as belly dancing, Muay Thai Boxing, zip wire rides and elephant treks. Koh Phangan is all about taking it easy and leaving the mainstream behind. The TEFL course is designed to give you plenty of time to explore this beautiful island.

Real Estate Koh Phangan.            

Real Estate Koh Phangan property for sale will boom as the island becomes more and more popular. Real Estate Koh Phangan often makes a profitable rental income. A five million THB investment makes 500,000THB per year (10% income!). 

This island has a variety of different properties. These include wooden, stone and concrete brick houses. Some properties have concrete ground floor and a 1st floor made of wood.

Wooden Houses. 

Wooden properties are quick to build, but foundations should be concrete and iron. You can buy second hand wood, which comes from demolished houses. You can buy old wooden houses that are ready for knocking down. About 50,000 to 100,000THB, so this saves you money! Always check for woodworm first! Buying from a wood yard can be expensive.

We advise not to use coconut trees, unless treated and preserved. Coconut wood rot’s in the long term. Palm trees are soft inside, the same as bamboo. Termites love them! Do not use for building houses and Real Estate on Koh Phangan. Concrete columns work well with wooden houses as do teak columns.

Thai people like to make carvings from teak, this gives a house character. Some old temples in Koh Phangan have stunning teak carvings. A red hardwood is also used for building temples and houses.

Stone House.

Stone remains cool and relatively quick to build. Good for the climate and cheap to build. You just need stone, sand, cement and gravel. Fireproof stone, durable and bug free, with no painting and maintenance free. Homes become cool inside, so this saves money on A/C.

Stone houses are not so common on Koh Phangan. They do have good resale value as stone houses last a long time. They stand for centuries, just think of a castle! Many castles stand for more than 1000 years. Stone houses have walls built with an average width of 30cm.

Concrete Brick House.

Most of the Real Estate on Koh Phangan consist of steel frame construction. Brick and block walls, which come in various sizes. Blocks 7 to 20 cm wide and 40 cm in length. When building a strong house, use 15 cm block, 5 cm insulation and 10 cm block. This reduces noise level and keeps the house cool. If you want to build cheaper, 7.5 cm brick blocks are OK. Cement plaster finishes the brick work and gives a smooth look. Compared with other countries, paint is quite expensive. Its best to paint on a damp course first and three coats of paint finish the job.

Fortunately, Koh Phangan does not rock from earthquakes. However, architects still like to build a strong property. Footings for columns go deep, usually 1.2 meters for a two bedroom house. We can recommend architects, for building real estate in Koh Phangan.

Finishing your House Build on Koh Phangan.

Whether you want single or double glazed aluminum windows will depend on your budget. Aluminum metal is common because they will not rust and require little maintenance. Remember mosquito nets!

Exterior wooden doors can warp, as the sunshine and heat affects the wood. The sea salt humid air does the same if you live on the beach. So aluminum is popular in Thailand and fairly cheap, compared to UVPC.

Thus it’s better to use aluminum as it’s suitable for the climate. Thickness varies, we recommend 1.8 cm, It costs more, but stronger. Different colors are available and glass comes in different colors and thickness. You should think of the weight when you install glass in doors. Especially if you want to install large sliding doors.

Ceramic floor tiles vary in price and a large selection to choose from. When building, consider non slip tiles for the bathroom and balcony. Burmese workers on the island are great at laying tiles. They do a great job and very hard working lads. Certified Thai tradesman do the electrics and plumbing and sign off their work.

Concrete septic tanks are common in rural areas, the bigger the better. Ask for holes in the bottom, otherwise the septic tank needs emptying. Tanks come in different sizes, 6000 to 10000 liter which are better for larger properties. Fiber glass tanks available as well.

Wells and water tanks are common, especially in rural areas. Separate concrete construction for water tanks. Plastic water tanks sit on top, and electric water pumps send water to the house. Real Estate on main roads have government water supply.

Local banks offer building, health and accident insurance.

Swimming Pools.

Real Estate swimming pool companies mainly operate from Samui. One or two builders in Koh Phangan, also offer to make swimming pools. So, if you’re thinking of building a pool, it’s best to get several quotes. Go and visit completed projects and ask for guarantees. Consider fiberglass or concrete plaster finish as tiles cost more to maintain. Average size pool costs 1,000000 THB, and we can recommend companies.

Real Estate – A mixture of Property.

Here on the island we have modern beach properties, finished in a western style. New construction with western influence, to cater for holiday makers. Koh Phangan continues to grow with tourism and housing development has seen a big boost. This does not seem to spoil the island as the beaches remain picture perfect. Fortunately the landscape still remains stunning and beautiful.

Traditional property mixed with the new means the island remains colorful and rich with architecture. The temple carvings stand out, the same as many parts of Thailand. This island remains a small part of paradise, and attracts people who come back year after year.

Real Estate for Rent.

Land is available for rent long term and it’s possible to rent land for 30 years. It's an option that you may want to think about. Resort and restaurant owners often rent with rental agreements, prepared and signed by a lawyer. They’re several different rental agreement options. You should always read through and agree your rental agreement before signing, when renting long term.

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