Koh Phangan TEFL course Thailand. 

Gain the confidence, knowledge and certificate for teaching English abroad!

Welcome to the Paradise TEFL course in Koh Phangan, Thailand! We concentrate on a quality course and not quantity! Thus, we can only take up to four people at a time for the live lessons in Koh Phangan. 

 Exclusive teaching and many hours dedicated to one to one teacher training, with an experienced TEFL trainer. If you are fluent in English and would like a paid job teaching English abroad then sign up for one of our fully accredited and internationally recognized TEFL course.

Get the TEFL course qualification! Put yourself on the road for

Teaching English in Thailand and Asia.

Koh Phangan Island

History and things to do on the island.
TEFL course enrolment

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The TEFL course includes a minimum of 10 or 15 hours of observed teaching practice in genuine ESL classrooms and business locations.

 Included are the course text books, course materials, teaching certificate and recommendation letter. 

The TEFL syllabus includes! 

 EFL Methodologies. Teaching Speaking. Teaching Listening. Lesson Planning. Classroom Management. Reading Methodology. Writing Methodology. Teaching Reading. Teaching Writing. Teaching Grammar. Developing Teacher Materials. Resume Preparation and Interviewing. Advice given on how to find English teaching jobs in Asia and guidance on living and working abroad

10 extra qualifications that you can gain through writing extra assignments. See the Onsite Course below for details.

You get an extra two months after you finish your initial TEFL course to complete these optional assignments/qualifications. Any of the extra subjects that you complete appear upon your TEFL certificate. Cost for each extra qualification is 10 USD.

These extra qualifications will give you an advantage when applying for English teaching jobs.

Advanced qualifications include:

Teach English to Online Students. Teach Business English. Teacher TOEFL Prep. Teacher IELTS Prep. Teacher of TOEIC Prep. Teacher of PET Prep. Teacher of English for Academic Purposes. Teacher of English for Specific Purposes. Tutoring EFL Students and Teacher of Young Learners.

We have vast experience and collaboration with many schools around Thailand and Asia.  We are always happy to help teacher trainees to find a job that suits them! 

In essence, we will provide you with all the information and assistance to find your ideal English teaching job. Take a browse at the student feedback forms to gain further assurance that this is a quality not quantity TEFL course.

Infinity Pool in Baan Tai, Koh Phangan.

120 hour Koh Phangan TEFL Course Thailand $995 USD. 

10 hours of observed live lessons in Koh Phangan. 
  $995 USD for 1 person $1800 USD for 2 persons. 

This TEFL training covers all the modern day teaching topics.
 You will learn about the theory and methodology, structure of the English language and many aspects of teaching English abroad

Included are the course text books, course materials, TEFL certificate and a recommendation letter. 

See syllabus above! 

Assistance with your assignments on line with a highly experienced TEFL trainer. Includes 10 hours of observed live lessons in Koh Phangan. 

The teacher training takes part in a very relaxed environment. Designed to give students free time to explore the island or relax on the beach or around the pool.

 Upon completion of the 3 - 4 week Koh Phangan TEFL course! You then have an option of two further months to finish any of the 10 advanced assignments. All of the advanced subjects that you complete appear on your certificate. These extra qualifications cost 100 USD.

Advanced qualifications include:

Teach English to Online Students. Teach Business English. Teacher TOEFL Prep. Teacher IELTS Prep. Teacher of TOEIC Prep. Teacher of PET Prep. Teacher of English for Academic Purposes. Teacher of English for Specific Purposes. Tutoring EFL Students and Teacher of Young Learners.

We offer guaranteed job support to teach anywhere in Thailand. We have many contacts with availability for English teaching jobs                                         in Thailand and Asia.

120 hour Koh Phangan TEFL Course Thailand $1295 USD.

 Including 15 hours of observed ESL lessons, in Phangan Thailand. 
$1295 USD 
for 1 person $2100 USD for 2 persons.  

This TEFL course covers all the teacher training topics.
 You’ll learn about the theory and methodology, structure of the English language and many aspects of teaching English abroad

(See syllabus above).

Assistance with your assignments with a highly experienced TEFL trainer. Includes 15 hours of live lessons in ESL locations on Koh Phangan.  

     The Onsite course takes place in a very relaxed environment.              Designed to give students free time to explore the island! 

When you have finished the 4 week TEFL Koh Phangan course! You then have two further months to finish any of the extra 10 advanced assignments. These extra qualifications are optional. 

Completed advanced subjects appear on your certificate. We offer job support to teach anywhere in Thailand and indeed Asia. We have many contacts for teacher jobs in public and private schools and regular updates on availability in Thailand.

         Paradise TEFL is an institutional member of the International                      Association of teachers of English as a Foreign Language, which                       is recognized by both Oxford and Cambridge.                       

Paradise TEFL has a world network of training schools and academies. Paradise TEFL is in its 15th year with more than 800 graduates.

Employment Support & Advice.

With your TESOL training course in Koh Phangan Thailand, you have your own teacher trainer adviser. Gain the knowledge, confidence and certificate to teach English in Asia. As long as you can present yourself properly at an interview, you will have no problems finding a good job as a teacher in Thailand and Asia.

Every month we have a list of employers asking us for TEFL teachers. 

There are more English teaching jobs in Asia available than teachers to fill them. Click on our employment page for more info on jobs for TESOL graduates.


TEFL Thailand and Asia.

Thailand is a great country to start your teacher career! The qualification and experience you gain can literally propel you to teaching English jobs all over Asia and the world. We've got vast experience in working together with many language schools around Thailand. Were always happy to help out teacher trainees to find a suitable position! During and after finishing their TESOL training in Phangan, Thailand. 

Asian countries such as Japan, China, Singapore and Indonesia pay great EFL teacher salaries. 

 Indonesia and China offer a monthly salary paid in local currency and equivalent to that of a local, well paid Indonesian or Chinese manager. When you teach English you can afford a lifestyle you never thought possible: get a housekeeper, enjoy massages and restaurant meals on a regular basis.

Information about Thailand.

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Traveling in Thailand during high season planning your trip, what to do and where to go in Thailand! www.gothailand.about.com.

Travel guide for Thailand. More and more people are making Thailand part of their educational objectives! Becoming 'Educational Tourists' and looking for all sorts of teacher training in Thailand. www.discoverythailand.com.

What I gained doing a TEFL Course Koh Phangan Thailand.

I genuinely benefited from this Koh Phangan TEFL course in many ways. It contains many solid ESL teaching ideas and references to useful teaching books and websites, packed with lesson plans and teacher resources. 

It has made me more confident about planning and delivering live lessons. The TEFL training has encouraged me not to rely on translation methods. In terms of classroom management I've been reminded not to make empty threats, or shout, in an effort to discipline children.

I know (in theory) the best way to deal with young people, but it never hurts to have a few home truths pointed out. Good classroom management and organizational skills become necessary, if you want to be a great teacher in Thailand.

The introduction to different ESL teaching theories was very interesting and fun! As a result I've a far broader outlook to teaching methods. Also been encouraged to vary activities more in the classroom and not be afraid to undertake group work.

I now see that if properly motivated, students will use the English language, in an effort to communicate with their peers. 

I understand that students need an opportunity to practice speaking, thus increasing student talk time.

The complete TESOL course and worksheets have caused me to think very carefully about how I organize a language class and use classroom materials.

 I feel I could now confidently plan lessons for the EFL classroom. 

It was useful to learn about the various language tests, such as TOIEC and TOEFL. Some EFL students may wish to gain employment in an English speaking country.

 Such as Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and let's be honest nearly half the world now has a basic command of English. Even the 11 nations of Asia have come together and the common language that they will use to communicate is English.

My Koh Phangan TEFL course certificate opens doors! So I can now apply for any teaching position in schools across Asia. With a qualification to back up my experience. I w
ill definitely go on and continue to teach.

Without a Koh Phangan TEFL course my teacher abilities would remain at a less effective standard. I had not previously been exposed to such a dynamic way to organize lessons. 

I was also greatly encouraged by my tutor’s comments. I tried very hard to absorb the material and complete the worksheets and assignments correctly. It would've been difficult to proceed without positive feedback, especially after delivering real life EFL lessons.

 Thank you Paradise TEFL Koh Phangan in Thailand. It was a very useful and rewarding teacher training course.

Since completing her Koh Phangan TEFL course in Thailand, Pien traveled and gained experience in Vietnam and New Zealand. She's presently teaching English in Switzerland.

Paradise TEFL course Koh Phangan Thailand. 


Questions to ask at your job interview.

Upon completion of your TEFL course in Koh Phangan, you will want to start thinking about your interview with potential employers. You will be expected to show them what you've learned on your course and why you would make a great teacher at their school or language institute.

You may even be asked to present a short sample class. When preparing for an interview, many people forget that they should ask the language school or institute some questions as well. You're traveling to a foreign country and you should know some things about the company. 

Look at the schools website. See if you can find any forums about the school or reviews from people who taught there before.  

You don’t want
to end up teaching in a school that you don’t like and start wishing you were home. Before, during and after your interview with your potential employer, there are some things you will want to know about them. Before your interview with the company, see what you can find out about the company by searching the internet. 

If the school seems reputable, prepare and ask some questions during your interview. The interviewer will first ask you the questions to see if you are a good fit for their school. After they interview you, it is your turn to see if they are a good fit for you. If the person interviewing you hasn’t already told you about their school, ask some basic questions.

What kind of students do they have? Kinder garden, college age students. Also, what is the average class size? This is an important one to ask? In some countries, you could teach as many as 60 students at one time.

But in other jobs, 3-5 students at a time. Make sure you're comfortable in handling whatever size of class they may want you to teach.

You should ask about the types of resources available to the teachers. A good school will value their teachers and provide things like Wi-Fi access, lesson plans or curriculum work books. Provide printers and scanners, interactive whiteboards and other tools to make your job easier and more efficient.

Asking the right questions during your interview will help determine if you get a good experience at a school. After all, TESOL jobs are not only about earning a living, they should also be fun and enjoyable as well. 

Top six places for the best paid English teaching jobs in 2017.

Teaching abroad is never usually regarded as a top paying job. Below are the top six paying countries for teachers in 2017.

In general English teachers can stand out in Thailand with their long dresses, khaki shorts and baggy clothes. Having said this, TESOL can be a lucrative industry, for those with a B.A and a TEFL or TESOL course certificate in Thailand.

 Teachers abroad can make a nice pay packet/income to afford luxuries like a nice pad and holidays. ‘Location! Location! Location!’  The joining together of the ten Asian countries, has created competition among the country members. Learning English is gaining momentum as Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia are so far ahead.

 Countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia are striving for new curriculum's and ESL teachers for state schools.

TEFL teachers currently make more money where?

6 Vietnam.

What's the average pay grade for a teacher? 
Between US$1200 and US$2000 per month.
Health and travel insurance? No.
 Flight paid? No.
Do Vietnamese employers provide me with a pad? No, but most places will help with finding a place to stay. 

Bonus? Some companies will pay up to 1 month’s salary.

Vietnam is a relatively newcomer to the world of high-paying ESL jobs. Replacing Thailand for the sixth position. As the country opens up to the outside world, a greater need for English speakers has arisen

ESL teachers will find that schools wanting English teachers are in high demand. Great places to work in Vietnam and generally meet the best work conditions and good salaries.

Language centers can pay up to US$20 per hour for qualified teachers who can teach specialist subjects like TOIEC and TOEFL. The downside, if you want to live like a westerner and enjoy a cool western-style apartment, you will need to pay US$500 per month.

TESOL jobs Vietnam.



5 China.

Salary between US$800 - US$2000. 
 Insurance? No medical health cover provided.
 Flight paid? Round-trip airfare (reimbursed after completion of one year contract)   

 Pad usually included? Yes assistance with an apartment is provided to help you get settled.

 Visa assistance covered? Yes.

Competitive salary ($800 - $1,500 USD a month)
Positions - jobs starting in February and August each year.

Graduates must be at least 18 years old with no upper age limit.
Bachelor Degree NOT required.

Non-native speakers with advanced English language skills accepted.
 Teacher jobs in the major cities of China.
Round-trip airfare (reimbursed after completion of one year contract)
Accommodation provided free or up to 3,000 RMB/month and visa assistance provided.

Competitive salary ($1,200 - $3,000 US/month)
Positions starting year round for language schools.
University and government school positions starting February and August each year.

Graduates must be between 23 and 50 years of age.
Native speakers only.
Completion of one year contract required, with renewal option if desired.
Free or discounted Chinese language classes. 



  TESOL jobs advertised in Thailand and throughout Asia.

4 Japan.

What's the average pay grade for an English teaching job?
Around the US $2000 - 2,500.

Support network in place to help you get settled.  
Do I get insurance? Sometimes, check your contract.
Flight paid? Yes, return airfare usually included.
Do Japanese employers provide me with a pad? Sometimes! If not, your employer should assist you in finding a place.

What about a bonus? A small bonus that is less than one month’s salary! Note: Ever since the earthquake and tsunami have affected Japan, teachers have been reportedly leaving in record numbers. The next few years will be an interesting 
time for those who want to work in Japan in terms of benefits and salary.

The ESL teaching culture in Japan is quite interesting. The majority of lessons takes place after school. Japan is also a great place for those wanting to get into business and on line teaching jobs.

Japan has long been a favorite for ‘gap year students’ who take a year  out between school and university. Traveling for a year before heading back to do 3-4 years of study. This has since changed in recent times as countries crack down on qualifications. Japan has now become a common place for those with a degree and an ESL certificate.


3 South Korea.

What's the pay grade for teachers in South Korea?
US$2000-US$3000 a month.

Health and travel insurance? Yes.
 Flight paid? Yes, return airfare.
Do Korean employers provide me with a pad? Yes, a furnished apartment!
What about a bonus? Most ESL jobs offer a bonus of 1 month’s salary.

Long been considered as being one of the best destinations to teach, Korea comes in at third sport as the highest-paying country for ESL teacher's abroad. With a slightly lower salary than Taiwan, the extras are absolutely spectacular! The usual ESL job in Korea comes with the lot, insurance, apartment and bonus.

 For those who want to sink their teeth into a job with a kick-ass salary! Many teachers living in the capital (Seoul) make a good living off private students.



2 Taiwan.

What's the average pay grade for teachers in Taiwan?
 US$3000 – US$4000 a month!
Do I get insurance? No, the teacher must cover it themselves.
 Flight paid? No! It seems that’s just the way it is with ESL jobs in Taiwan.

Do employers provide a pad? Yes, but without furniture.
What about a bonus? No return flights, no bonus just a high salary.

Taiwan comes in at number two spot on the list for salary although additional benefits are slim.  With no insurance, no bonus or no flights!  Teachers may have to dip into incredibly-high salaries to fund those extras.

Teachers can take their pick of schools or language centers. Some great local holiday spots can be found to the south of the island.


1 Dubai.

What's the average pay grade for full time teachers in Dubai?
Between US$3,000 and US$5,000 per month.

Do I get insurance? No, with this pay grade you can pay for it yourself!
 Flight paid? Yes, many companies include a yearly return airfare to your home country.

Do employers provide me with a pad? Yes. In Dubai, most companies include free furnished accommodation.
What about a bonus? No unless you count your return fare as a bonus.

 It’s no surprise that Dubai takes pulmonary position when it comes to the highest paying salaries for TESOL jobs abroad. The oil rich nation has the world’s tallest residential tower, an indoor skiing center that’s located in the middle of a desert and the world’s only 7-star hotel.

 The phenomena of learning English among those living in Dubai are a rather recent trend that has soared in the past decade or so. Many residents of Dubai, including the vast number of Pakistanis and Indians living in the oil-rich nation, strive to improve their language skills. International corporations demand good language skills.

The ESL setting in Dubai is quite competitive and teachers get paid according to experience.  Language centers are the most common ESL learning institutes, which mostly cater for the booming hospitality and finance industries.

Most teachers who work in Dubai generally come with years of experience and worked in other countries, especially throughout the Middle East.


 Beaches in Koh Phangan Thailand.

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